Services and Products

Airfield Maintenance

Roadwork Industries Managing Director Brian Crowe has over 35 years of experience in the industry. Brian has completed works at nearly every major defence facility in Australia. Roadwork Industries offers the following works at competitive prices:

Crack Sealing

Roadwork Industries uses the wide range of STAR crack sealing products. Each one with their own properties to suit the Australian climate and conditions.

* Meets ASTM D 6690 Types 2 & 3, ASTM D 3405, AASHTO M 324 Types 2 & 3,AASHTO M 301 specifications
* Low Penetration
* Self-Levelling
* Rapid Melting
* Flexible to -28°C
* Excellent Adhesion
* Sets-Up Quickly
* Resists Tracking

Fuel Resistant Surfacing

Roadwork Industries completes Fuel Resistant Surfacing works to meet the following objectives:

* To extend the service life of asphalt pavements by sealing out:
  - The sun’s ultraviolet rays, which result in oxidative decomposition,
  - Deteriorating effect of deicing salts, oils, fuel, and grease, water and subsequent damage to the sub-base caused by water penetration.
* To beautify and enhance the appearance
* To reduce the maintenance costs and extend the service life.
* To fill minor surface imperfections and yield an even looking surface.
* To provide a limited degree of skid resistance.

Roadwork Industries uses STAR AVIATOR and STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR for all of the Fuel Resistant Surfacing which provide the following benefits:

* Far superior in performance than conventional mix designs where rubber is mixed on the job.
* Meets and/ or exceeds airport performance tests & specifications.
* STAR AVIATOR and STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR contain the required rubber and specialty chemicals which are hot blended in the sealer. No on the job blending of rubber latex and excessive amounts of water for (viscosity control).
* Minimal time needed for the preparation of the mix for the job.
* No on-the-job inspection (for rubber amounts) is needed.
* The superiority in performance has been established in field performance and by independent testing laboratories.

Rubber Removal on Touchdown

Braking performance is critical on airport runways. Rubber from aircraft tyres can build up on the pavement and cause reduced friction and hydroplaning which results in loss of directional control of aircraft. Maintaining runway friction is a challenge given the surface changes over the pavement’s life based on the frequency of aircraft activity, weather, environmental issues and pavement makeup.

Regular removal of rubber deposits is vital to preserve proper braking performance and directional control for aircraft using the runways. Roadwork Industries uses strict controls with chemical solvents, brooms and suction sweepers to remove the build-up.

Contact Brian Crowe to discuss a regular maintenance program to help improve the performance and safety of the runway.


Comprehensive airport line marking set out and reinstatement of apron, taxiway, runway and helipad markings are carried out to the highest standard and compliant to CASA MOS 139.

STAR-BRITE PLUS TRAFFIC PAINTS are a new generation of water-borne traffic paints, which combine the fast-drying properties equivalent to those of solvent-based traffic paints and the safety in handling of latex-based paints. They are suitable for all interior and exterior applications, on asphalt and concrete surfaces. STAR BRITE PLUS promotes excellent brightness, hiding and fade resistance.

STAR BRITE PLUS TRAFFIC PAINTS are especially formulated to dry much faster than conventional water-based paints. Under most conditions these paints dry in less than 15 minutes when applied properly.

Additionally, STAR BRITE PLUS TRAFFIC PAINTS are adequately suited to be hot-applied for even faster drying times, to meet various state striping specifications. The heat system must be designed to prevent paint temperatures in excess of 68 Deg. C. at any time.

Useful Tip: Traffic paints can turn brown and blotchy if you do not allow sealcoating the proper curing time. We recommend waiting a minimum of 24 hrs. after the sealer has been applied, before striping is executed. Most of the water borne traffic paints contains some fast evaporating solvents. These solvents extract lighter fractions from the binder (coal, tar or asphalt) portion of the partially cured film of the sealer. The extract floats to the surface of the paint film, thus rendering it brown and blotchy.

Resealing of Runways and Aprons

From the ground or from the air, a freshly surfaced runway, apron or taxiway looks new, fresh and most importantly it looks professional.

Roadwork Industries specialises in Airport Maintenance works and ensures minimal disruption is caused to the airport. The work is planned and carried out well in advance to ensure the quality of works.

Benefits of resealing:

* Improved skid resistance
* Waterproofing of the surface
* Protecting the underlying pavement from oxidation, aging and traffic wear
* Seals small cracks and imperfections
* Extends the pavement life
* Economic method of resurfacing runways and aprons